Hi folks. This is my first attempt at a blog, so I’ll make this first post all about me!!!

I’m a member of the South East Scotland Wargames Club (SESWC), links below



I play wargames because I think they’re fun. I have fun playing them (most of the time). I’m not the type of person who has to win at any cost, or the type to spend 20 minutes arguing about rules! That just sucks the fun out of it. I want to enjoy my evenings (and occasional afternoons) play and hope my opponents do as well.

I have some 28mm armies, medieval and Napoleonic, but my main scale is 15mm. I have 30 Years War, Seven Years War, Napoleonic and WW2 armies ready to put on a table. I also (like all wargamers) have an extensive to do/wish list and an “ever growing collection of lead” (or as my wife calls it “that bloody pile of crap I keep tripping over”) It is my intention to add various armies to my collection, everything from Ancient Greeks to Colonial Era and American Civil War. Strangely WW1 holds no interest for me. I also have what some have called an unhealthy obsession with wargaming Swedish armies (I don’t know why) and the first army I collect for a new period is usually Swedish, if possible. I also tend not to wargame anything post WW2, so if there are missing weeks in this blog, it’s because that night’s game was post WW2.

So, I hope you enjoy the reports, I will try and be unbiased, but that may not always be possible…lol…and others may disagree with my assessments, but have fun reading them.



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