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So, after my adventures in 28mm last week, it was 10mm this week, with WWII in Belgium. The rules were the ever popular Panzergrenadier with Jack and Derek providing the (mini) lead. Derek took the French, Jack had Belgians and John Glass, not having a game arranged, completed the Allied trio. Myself, Neil and Sandy were, unusually, teamed up to be the Germans. The table was set up and the objectives were simple – the Germans had to capture the village from the French and inflict as many casualties as possible on the Belgians. Sandy took our right wing with 1 infantry company, a couple of 222s and 2 150mm howitzers. I had the middle with 2 infantry companies and some 222s, while General Oberst Danskin took on the left wing with all the armour and a motorbike company (fittingly).

The German right….20170413_194412

……centre and left….20170413_194418

Our plan was simple…Sandy and I would pin the French in place and possibly draw some Belgians across while the armour would smash the Belgians and swing round behind the village, trapping the French and destroying them…a classic “left hook” manoeuvre. Great plan, what could possibly go wrong?

As it happens, having every tank in the Belgian army and (although Jack denies it) half the anti tank guns in Belgium in the woods in front of our tanks did slow Neil’s advance down to a crawl! He pushed his bikers forward and found John’s infantry lurking in the woods. Sandy advanced his infantry in armoured cars along the road, debussed, and took up position behind the hedge. His 222s were finding French units and his howitzers were laying down smoke. I moved my 222s up alongside the other road and my 1st infantry company up the middle, in the open.

Sandy’s cars advance….20170413_200522

….my infantry on the move….20170413_200528

…..the bikes take a hit….20170413_200554

Next turn, Sandy took some French stands off, but lost a 222 to some anti tank fire. My infantry made it to the hedge and my armoured cars took a position to fire on the French gun. The approach of my infantry caused the French to leave the safety of buildings and fire on them. Neil moved into the woods, driving John’s infantry out, and his armour moved past into the open. Where they found Jacks’s anti tank guns!

Sandy loses a 222…20170413_203151

….the French fire on my infantry…20170413_202905

…Neil finds more Belgians….20170413_202952

Derek then revealed another gun by the junction where my 222s were and fired on them, driving them back. At the same time, he moved more infantry to the edge of the village and did some damage to my infantry. He also hit Sandy’s company with a machine gun, doing some damage there. Meanwhile over on the left, Neil was meeting some resistance from John and Jack’s Belgians. So much so, that he called for an air strike to clear them away. Unfortunately for Neil, the Stuka pilot decided to hit the village instead. This was good news for me, as it virtually cleared the village of French defenders. This allowed me to storm the village next turn, and achieve one of our objectives, we took the village.

My infantry take some damage….20170413_203646

….as does Sandy….20170413_210553

…while Neil calls for an air strike…20170413_204812

Meanwhile, I had brought on my 2nd company and had moved them up to the hedge. Sandy had taken more fire from the (bloody) machine gun in the woods and Neil had lost a couple of tanks. However, because he had lost 25% of his force, Derek had to take a force morale test, the result of which meant some of his units had to retreat further. Jack’s guns were proving to be a nuisance, hampering Neil’s advance and brewing both of my 222s. Neil called in a second air strike, this time it came bang on target (at the 2nd attempt). While not as devastating as the 1st, it did its job, taking out 1 gun and some infantry.

My 2nd company at the hedge….20170413_212017

….German tanks brewed….20170413_212024

At this point, I decided it would be a good idea to charge the last remaining (bloody) French machine gun. Bad idea! The bloody thing proved nearly invincible! I lost 3 stands of infantry. However, Derek got a poor result on his force morale roll and 3 of his stands left the table. This reduced the French to under 50% and a general retreat was called. Seeing his French allies slam into reverse and knowing 3 companies of Germans were about to swing into his flank, Jack decided enough was enough and called a halt to proceedings.

On the orders of Kapitan Gillespie, as gracious in victory as ever, I was obliged to take a pic of Derek putting away his lead….20170413_215145

So, a convincing German win, using a very good rules system that seems to be increasing in popularity at the club.

Next week is a Sudan game, as a rehearsal for Sandy’s campaign kicking off. I have been reliably informed that there will be no movable scenery and definitely no zombies!!

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