So this week we are off to the jungles of South-east Asia, with The Men of Company B (another Peter Pig rule set). I don’t usually play anything post WW II, but I make an exception for Vietnam games.

Neil expressed no preference as to sides, so I took the brave fighters taking on the might of the Imperialist colonisers! After a bit of faffing about, the table was set up and Neil deployed 2 of his 3 platoons. I then deployed 2 of my 5 units.

Jungles of the Nam….2017-04-27 19.37.13

US deployment…2017-04-27 19.39.28

VC deployment 1…..2017-04-27 19.41.03

….and 2…..2017-04-27 19.41.14

Neil had a 3rd unit arriving when the “countdown” reached 20, he also had to search 3 villages. My objectives, as far as I had any, were to kill as many Americans as possible and not get wiped out myself.

On turn one, Neil advanced into the bamboo field and the village in the middle of the table. I used the turn to convert as many villagers into VC guerrillas as possible.

Turn 2 and Neil searched the village he was in, moved into the village by the bamboo and called in some artillery, which missed. I brought on a new unit and moved the others into a position to shoot at Neil’s platoon from 3 sides, doing some hefty damage.

The VC shoot up the grunts….2017-04-27 20.13.06

With one of his units pinned down, Neil moved his other from one half of the village it was occupying to the other and attempted to out shoot the VC.  I moved one unit and brought on a 4th and continued to pour fire at Neil.

The “countdown” had reached 20 and Neil brought on his 3rd unit. There was some deviation in where it came on and I got to choose where it arrived. I made a mistake and placed it on his extreme right. I should have put it nearer the centre. Neil also called for his 2nd of 3 fire missions. This time it landed with devastating effect. It took out all of 1 unit and 2 stands (half) of another.

Devastating artillery fire….2017-04-27 20.36.28

…nicely represented…2017-04-27 20.38.48

I still managed to get the last couple of grunts in the unit in the village and move into it. Unfortunately for the VC, it was too late. The 2 remaining US units did to me what I did to them, pinned me down in the village. But first, one platoon close assaulted my unit in the bamboo. I evaded, but during the pursuit, lost 2 more fighters. The VC have the ability to “melt away” which they did, except the unit in the village, who failed their morale and had no actions. It was at this point I called a halt and admitted defeat. However, I claim a moral victory as I didn’t need artillery to kill a platoon of grunts, that’s a lot of body bags filled. Hanoi Jane and the rest of the anti war protesters back home wont be happy! They’ll be even unhappier when footage of US artillery targeting innocent civilians (even though the barrage missed).

US troops search a second village….2017-04-27 20.41.46

…then move to another…2017-04-27 21.08.51

…before pinning down the VC….2017-04-27 21.13.50

Not part of the game…..2017-04-27 21.19.44

…but still worth a photo or 2….2017-04-27 21.19.35

Not a bad game (for Peter Pig) that is fairly fast and easy to pick up once you’ve read the rules (which Ali has, allegedly), but there are a few ambiguities. An example would be the snipers, which conventional wisdom suggests should be able to target specific figures, but there is no rule one way or another in the rules.

The club is being used as a polling station next Thursday (council elections), so the club will meet on Tuesday instead. Due to other commitments, I can’t make it on a Tuesday, so there will be no blog next week. I had arranged a WW II game with Sandy for next week, before we realised it wouldn’t be on a Thursday. I’ll have to see if we can push it back a week.

Thanks for reading.


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