Hi folks.

We were doing the AWI again this week. After the humiliation of the last instalment, I was eager for revenge and Neil had a scenario he was keen to play. So, it was off to “Harlem Heights” and a chance for me to redeem myself!

The terrain…without any troops…2018-02-01 19.11.44

British troops were added to the table where they would come on (the yellow dice signifying the turn they would appear)

Deployed British units, with American skirmishers at the junction…2018-02-01 19.51.33

…Highlanders and Hessians appearing on turns 4 and 8 respective;y…2018-02-01 19.51.22

…Cornwallis and the Guards arriving on turn 13 and 2 units of Grenadiers arriving 2 turns later…2018-02-01 19.51.18

The aesthetics are somewhat spoiled by the big white cards showing command points….

With the only enemy in sight the skirmishers, the Brits charged up the road and forced a combat, which they won convincingly. The second unit advanced to the road, where they watched, with growing concern, as 4 American units, led by General Washington, emerged from the woods in front of them.

The skirmishers are sent packing…2018-02-01 20.01.03

…while Washington leads his troops out of the woods….2018-02-01 20.19.56

The next turn was spent manoeuvring and firing at the approaching Americans. 2 of the units moved towards the smaller of the British units, 1 advanced on the larger unit and the last, with Washington attached, formed a reserve. The Americans eventually charged the smaller of the British units, but to little effect. The Brits stood firm and inflicted some damage on the Rebels.

By now, it was turn 4 and re-enforcements had arrived for both sides. The Americans got 3 units of infantry and a gun, while in the middle of the table, 2 units of skirmishers and 2 more infantry units appeared. For the British, 2 battalions of the 42nd and a light gun had arrived. The Highlanders immediately set off down the table to engage the American units commanded by Washington, ignoring the 4 units behind them. The skirmishers contented themselves with shooting at the gun. Meanwhile, the Americans charged the large British unit by the road and regretted it immediately! They were sent reeling back with heavy losses.

British and American units arrive in the middle of the table…2018-02-01 20.32.14

With the Highlanders advancing on their flank, the Americans turned 1 unit to face the threat while continuing to move the new units past the woods and charging the large unit again. The British took the decision to sacrifice the gun to keep the skirmishers behind them occupied. Once the gun had been dispatched, the American skirmishers followed both battalions of the 42nd across the table while doing very little (if any) damage.

The Highlanders approach the Americans…2018-02-01 20.44.38

The 42nd reached the foot of the ridge and 1 battalion joined the continuing melee while the other charged an American unit. The intervention in the ongoing melee proved decisive, as 1 American unit routed while the other broke off to turn and face the Highlanders. It was not all plain sailing for the British, however, as the original unit was reduced to 1 stand. The other battalion routed the unit they charged and wounded George Washington! It was just a minor wound, but it reduced his command ability. At the road junction, the British were pushed back by a fresh American unit and took some casualties.

The Highlanders help win a melee…2018-02-01 21.06.06

…while the British at the road junction are pushed back…2018-02-01 21.06.11

The Highlanders on the left continued their melee with the Americans, pushing them back, while those on the right continued their destructive path through the American forces, routing another unit and destroying the American gun, They had another couple of opportunities to kill, capture or wound Washington, but were unable to do so. The British at the junction were charged again, but repulsed the attackers, but a larger, fresh unit was just behind, ready to charge next time.

The Highlanders on the left push the Americans back…2018-02-01 21.14.32

…on the right, the Highlanders attack the gun, with the skirmishers behind…2018-02-01 21.30.03

The Hessians had, by now, entered the fray and began to advance towards the bridge, while their skirmishers moved to the river bank. The American infantry moved down from the hill and exchanged fire with the Hessian skirmishers. The Highlanders on the left charged another American unit, but it didn’t go well, they were sent reeling back with heavy casualties. The Highlanders on the right had nobody to engage, so began to wheel. The British by the road were charged and were pushed back far enough to leave the table (in effect, a rout). The Americans reorganised themselves and began to advance down the table towards the Hessians.

The British see off one charge…2018-02-01 21.30.05

…but are pushed off the table by the next…2018-02-01 21.36.48

…while Hessian skirmishers swap fire with American infantry…2018-02-01 21.30.09

We had reached turn 13, and Cornwallis was leading a battalion of Guards towards the river. The Americans had destroyed the British on the left and were also advancing towards the bridge, so the race was on (and it looked like Cornwallis would win it) The Hessians charged the Americans swapping fire across the river with their skirmishers. Although the Hessians don’t receive the same charge bonuses as British regulars, they were still able to drive the first American unit back up the hill, with heavy casualties. Just after Cornwallis began his march to the bridge, 2 large units of British Grenadiers began to follow him.  Next turn the Hessians charged the second American unit by the river and drove them back up the hill with heavy casualties. This was enough for Neil to call a halt and offer his surrender.

Hessians charge the Americans by the river….2018-02-01 21.57.41

…Cornwallis and the Guards advance towards the bridge…2018-02-01 21.57.44

…beating the Americans…2018-02-01 21.57.51

…the Hessians charge the second American unit…2018-02-01 22.03.29

So, after last week’s (OK, I know it was 2 weeks ago) abomination, the natural order of things has been resumed and my “family honour” has been restored! It was a good scenario that could have gone either way. I was lucky that Neil rolled quite a few 2s on the average dice at the start of the battle. This put a point of disorder on his units for each 2 rolled, which directly effects the units fire and melee factors.Neil also may have made a mistake by not advancing his units on the hill towards the bridge when he had the chance to do so unopposed.

Next week we’re planning another Soldiers of God game, as I have some new Teutonic units I want to put on the table.

I also started a WWII Eastern Front campaign tonight. It’s a campaign for the Caucasus oilfields with Sandy, Peter and Duggie as the Germans and Neil and Campbell as the Soviets. I am the referee and will be completely impartial. Hopefully, everybody will enjoy it (Sandy is already excited about it and has used the campaign as an excuse to buy some Tigers!)

Stay tuned….


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